Meet our Valentine's POTM: The waistband ideal for intimacy

Meet our Valentine's POTM: The waistband ideal for intimacy

Our Valentine's product of the month is the Level 1 5" neutral waistband with silicone. You can get 20% off for this month only & the discount is applied at checkout.

This is also part of our Triple Band Bundle, which contains 3 of our Level 1 waistbands (depths 5", 15" and 20" - see below).

Triple band bundle. Amy wears the 5", 15" and 20" waistbands (Level 1 support) in 3 separate photos combined into a collage

Our model is 5"4 with a 29" waist & wears each waistband depth (Left to right: 5", 15" & 20") in a size S/M. Size guides can be found in our product listings and we also have a measurements guide.

In order to understand this product properly, let's dive into what this product does and how it can help you to feel more confident in ostomy life.

This waistband is designed to sit around the mid-torso area, positioned to suit the wearer in order to conceal and support the surgical site and/or stoma bag without restricting function. If required, it can be worn all day & night.

Made from breathable fabric, this seamless, stretchy waistband has many pros for ostomy life including:

  • Confidence during intimacy - discreetly conceals and also supports
  • Changing room privacy when undressing
  • Swimming pool life - wear it under conventional swimwear to keep everything in place (note, this is not waterproof)
  • Bedtime benefits - Can be worn overnight to keep everything in place and allow you to have a good night's sleep
  • The option to combine with our other support garments such as boxers or briefs for extra support
  • Exercise and sports - keeps your stoma bag secure during activities
  • Fashion friendly 


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    • Amy at Comfizz

      Hi Penny,
      You can request some of our garments on prescription. These are listed on our site under “Prescriptions” via the main navigation bar at the top of our homepage at
      This 5" waistband is not available on prescription, unfortunately. It may be the 7" or the 10" depth you are referring to as they are longer.

    • Penny Hubbard

      Hi, can you buy these waist bands through nhs?
      I do have 2 similar but tend to wear them lower as I thought they were for hernia support? I am thinking I haven’t worn them in the right place or maybe mine are longer.?

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