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Hirschsprungs disease

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My J Pouch Story

Having a J Pouch can be the result of a bowel condition such as Colitis, Cancer or in my case Hirschsprungs Disease. If you know what a J Pouch is, it will probably be from either having one yourself or knowing someone that does. The surgery (restorative proctocolectomy), involves the removal of the entire colon and rectum. A J Pouch (ileo-anal pouch) is created from small intestine which is folded up along side itself giving it the ‘J’ shape. 

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Hirschsprungs Disease Awareness

When you think of reasons for a stoma bag what comes to mind? IBD, Crohn’s or Colitis are some of the first, but have you heard of Hirschsprungs Disease? Presenting in 1 in 5000 babies a year in the UK, this rare bowel disease is a birth defect that can occur with no family history of the disease. The nerve cells that line the intestines that are needed to move stool along into the rectum for toileting (known as ganglion cells), are not present. Your intestines should rhythmically move stool along in a wave-like contraction which when failing to do so cause tummy distention and constipation.

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