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In our blog you will find all kinds of information in relation to living with an ostomy. Tips, tricks and advice as well as other osto-mates experiences can be found within our blog.

Mini MH series – post 1: What is mental health & what does it mean to different people?

Hi Comfizz readers! Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about several elements surrounding the invisible disability of mental health. In these posts, I will be discussing various mental health matters & sharing my own mental health experiences, as well as including some useful mental health contacts & some tips I find help me. This week is the NHS’ #SelfCareWeek which ties in nicely with me starting this mini blog series. I will be including a self-care post closer to Christmas which I am super looking forward to writing. Mental health is something I have a lot of experience with & is also something I am very passionate about. So, what is mental health? Having a look around...

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Mental Health Awareness – Body Image and an Ostomy

This week has been Mental Health Awareness week and this years theme was body image so I thought I would talk a little about how your body image can change after ostomy surgery.  I ran a poll on Twitter to see if people’s view changed positively, negatively or was indifferent and I ran this for two days; at the beginning of the poll the majority was positive. This sadly soon changed with negative outlook on the voters body ultimately won. The poll received 73 votes and this is the results: It isn’t the end of the world if you dislike the way your body looks after having ostomy surgery but it is sad that people feel like this when it...

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Mental Health Can Affect Anyone

As we all know many different aspects of mental health can affect us all for a number of reasons and may be with us for a short time or forever. It can be something we seek help for or manage on our own, but no matter how, what, where, who or why mental health should be talked about. I myself have struggled for most of my life with a variety of mental health issues some which have been resolved and others that are a constant daily battle. I know as long as I keep fighting through and take each day as it comes when I feel suicidal I will be okay but I live through my husband and my kids....

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Time to Talk Day 2019

This post is a day earlier than I would usually try to post but today is actually a very important day; it is a day where you and every other person should talk about your emotions or mental state. Yes I also believe we shouldn’t need to have a day for this but there is still so much stigma around mental health and talking about it so days like this help as they are promoted on social media. Time to Change is the organisation behind the day in question – they want everyone to have at least one conversation about mental health today. This year’s Time to Talk Day is all about bringing together the right ingredients, to have a conversation...

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Negative Hospital Experience?

When we go to hospital for appointments, procedures or as an inpatient we can sometimes feel scared, vulnerable or anxious (scared and anxious are two different stages of the same emotion!) more often than not I would hope we all are treated professionally, with dignity and respect; there can be one person that ruins it for us as in any situation. But what can you do if you have felt badly done by overall or if that one person has crossed the line? There are a few different options you can do depending on the severity of the occurrence or your own willingness:  You can go directly to the source and tell the person how you feel and what they...

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Finding YOU after a Long Term Illness

Firstly a quick apology for this post being out late as between work and the kids my time has been limited oh and Button’s FIRST birthday; yes where has that time gone?! Being ill for a long time whether it is from childhood or something that has happened as an adult can take a major toll on how you view yourself or even make you feel like you have “lost” yourself. Many chronically sick adults grieve for the person they once were and although I can’t say that was the same for me as I was sick from being a child and it has pretty much been all I have ever known. I asked in a couple of groups on Facebook...

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