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In our blog you will find all kinds of information in relation to living with an ostomy. Tips, tricks and advice as well as other osto-mates experiences can be found within our blog.

Beyond Definition

Do you find that some of the products you can get from your delivery/appliance companies to hold your ostomy items seems a bit clinical or not quite your style? Well a new company called Beyond Definition has come up with a new way to carry your supplies that don’t look clinical and are both unisex and well made. I was gifted both their essentials case and the venture case and I think they are really beautiful and look quite classy in plain black leather. The attention to detail is also really nice for instance the company name is embossed onto the case and their logo is on the press studs. It’s the little things that really make an item in...

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Storing Ostomy Supplies

This week I would like to talk to you about how you store your ostomy supplies! This is very individual and there is no right or wrong way to store your bits and bobs and sometimes can depend on how much space you have available to you and how many supplies you need at any one time. I myself have two systems I use in my house with regards to having limited space – an upright small wicker set of drawers in my bathroom that sits just to the right of my sink – this holds all of my “in use” items which means at any one time there should be enough for three bag changes. I top up these...

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Christmas Supplier Dates

Christmas can be an already hectic time of year for all of us worrying about supplies and having enough could also be a worry so I have compiled a list of supplies and their last dates for ordering supplies although sadly some have already passed. If this is the case please get in touch with your stoma nurse and see if they would be able to give you a box to tide you over. Most of us shouldn’t really need that many extra supplies as the festive season isn’t that long so if you are going to order or grab some more supplies be mindful it shouldn’t be a case of stockpiling items but just what you need. Let’s face...

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What to do with Ostomy Supply Boxes?

Do you find you get a fair few boxes once you have used your supplies? Have you ever thought of a use for them rather than just putting them in the recycling? Well I have come up with an idea to make use of them! Now this does have to do with my daughters reception teacher asking for recycling for their “creation station”. I was chatting to her about the fact I have little boxes that my Varimate Wedges and other ostomy “accessories” came in, which she was saying was pretty perfect for the kids creation area. I just happened to mention that my stoma bags come in boxes a bit smaller than shoe boxes and she said they would...

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